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SPEED-BATTLE: Computer performance and benchmark test | Measure and compare computer speed | Speed test online tool | PC and CPU benchmark | Processor performance test


SPEED-BATTLE measures online the speed of JavaScript in your browser and shows a comparison to previous visitors.

Questions, SPEED-BATTLE can give answers to:

  • Which browser is on my computer fastest in completing the SPEED-BATTLE test tasks?
  • Which operating system is faster when using the same computer and browser version?
  • Which computer is faster when using the same operating system and browser?

Test results depend on different parameters (like CPU, browser, plugins/addons, operating system, system memory, number and kind of processes running in parallel and many more). The test will give you a reference value for the performance of your soft- and hardware. For consistent results run it when all other activity of your computer is low.

SPEED-BATTLE is quick, for free and does not require any download or installation.

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